Sonichen and Rosechen: The Lost Mutant Clones of the Planet Gaus is a fantasy based web novel under development with the most imaginative characters and storyline themes.

The website is continually being revised as new/existing material is added, deleted, or modified. A number of books are used as reference works: Shoujo Art Studio, Shonen Art Studio, Manga Females Clip Art, Fantasy Clip Art, One Million Manga Characters, 500 Manga Characters, 500 Manga Villians and Heroes, 500 Manga Creatures, Manga Clip Art. In addition, there is an extensive libary of clip art (Art Explosion 300,000 Premium Image Collection) and now Art Explosion 800,000 with (Printed Image Catalog). This website is being designed with Dreamweaver CS6 and Adobe Photoship CS5 Extended.

Separate pages for character, country and planet development will be added not only to support the website but to give my friends and fans the best reading experience possible. You may e-mail me at the following address:

Please note that all update notifications to the website will be posted directly on the update page and posted to Twitter (PlanetGausClone) and Facebook through Plurk (LostMutantClone). The update page can be reached via the smaller menu which is underneath the main menu and just above the Twitter feeds

Progress Chart On Settings/Characters

Completion Status

Material Being Developed

Africanople Work In Process Calculations - Area
Champron Work In Process Biographical
Arctic Region Work in Process Calculations Latitude
Villian Remake Work in Process Artistic


Progress Chart On Website Development

Completion Status

Material Being Developed

Forum Development Work In Process Community Forum


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