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Sonichen and Rosechen: The Lost Mutant Clones of Sonichu & Rosechu is a fantasy based novel series. Utilizing the most imaginative characters (including the well known "Sonichu")and storyline themes: The Lost Mutant Clones of Sonichu & Rosechu is gradually evolving into one of the most imaginative online novels ever created.

The website is continually being revised as new/existing material is added, deleted, or modified. A number of books are used as reference works in the drawing aspect on this website: Shoujo Art Studio, Shonen Art Studio, Manga Females Clip Art, Fantasy Clip Art, One Million Manga Characters, 500 Manga Characters, 500 Manga Villians and Heroes, 500 Manga Creatures, Manga Clip Art. In addition, there is an extensive libary of clip art (Art Explosion 300,000 Premium Image Collection) and now Art Explosion 800,000 with (Printed Image Catalog) as well as various websites with photos that have been placed in the public domain.

On the written side, a fairly large book collection of various novels provides the raw material in the development of the online novel.

The current website is being designed with Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 and Kompozer (an open source web-authoring software). Graphic design art utilizes Adobe Photoshop CS5 with the occasional use of GIMP and Inkscape.

To help facilitate the long overdue development of basic freehand drawing skills, a subsidiary website (myartgallery) has been set up.

Please Note: This is a partial list of the characters. For a full listing please go to Page 2


Sonichen and Rosechen: The Lost Mutant Clones of Sonichu & Rosechu

(On a misfit planet, it takes a square peg in a round hole to fit in)


















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